Biology Lab





“Biology is the science of life & Evolution is the concept that makes biology unique. Study of science is always incomplete without laboratory.”

In our Biology Lab. our focus is to perform   practical  and do activities in which students  participate with full zeal & attention and take  keen interest in learning new things. It gives student a number of opportunities to observe, experiment with living materials. Also, each student  gets excited when one learns as to  how to make slides & observe them under microscope.  The Lab helps the students to verify the theoretical concepts learnt by them in the classroom teaching.

The salient features of our Bio Lab.include:-

  • Provision of number of specimens & slides has been made which serve as a source of knowledge for them.
  • Adequate number of three dimensional diagrams are available which help students to learn in a simple & easy way.
  • Skeleton, Human Torso, Wooden Specimens, Models of eye ,flower, Human Heart, kidney , brain …etc. are helpful for them to  study different parts of the  Human body / Plants by segregating them or rejoining them.

The Lab. is fully equipped to perform all experiments required to be conducted as per the syllabi approved by the C.B.S.E.

*Working  domains for Practical training :-The biological laboratory of our school offers some specialized working  disciplines  i.e. Microbiology, Molecular Biology , Microscopy , Physiology, Virology, Field trips…..etc.

*Several special applications such as respiration  experiments , enzyme kinetics, slide preparation, Chromatography,  pH level, Sterile culturing of microalgae, morphological taxonomic determination …etc are of great practical  importance.

The main  purpose  of  school  Bio Lab.  to  clear the concepts of theory has been achieved to the entire satisfaction of the students over the years   & also has been   encouraging them to learn scientific concepts  by their hand on  practice in the lab.