1. To offer high quality, academically sound education to student in a supportive and understanding environment
  2. To give meaning and enjoyment to the students’ present learning experience and to encourage self-motivation, enterprise and a commitment to lifelong learning.
  3. To promote a sense of community in the school so that students and staff develop a sense of belonging to the school
  4. To prepare students to be responsible citizens within the community and to give them the flexibility and skills to meet the demands of a rapidly changing society.
  5. To encourage cultural understanding, tolerance and the enjoyment of diversity
  6. To develop self-esteem and a sense of respect for others
  7. To address the need for ongoing staff and curriculum development
  8. To have committed, experienced and qualified staff and well equipped facilities
  9. To foster excellence in both academic study and personal standards, showing courtesy to others at all times.
  10. To continuously reassess the aims and objectives of the school with a view to a constant refinement and improvement of the quality of education provided.