Composite Lab




“The true meaning of knowledge is experiment”

                                                            -William Blake

We, at Atam Public Sr. Sec. School, truly believe in this saying. At Our school, all out efforts have always been made for providing end to end solution to laboratory needs of students.

Composite laboratory as the name indicates, combines elements of all the three subjects for practical work in the subjects of Physics , chemistry and biology in a  single room. This lab caters to the needs of the  students up to 10 th  class . The school has adopted experimental mode of learning in labs as per C.B.S.E.norms, where students are encouraged to perform experiment under the guidance of their teacher.


The salient features of  Composite lab includes:

  • Various 3- Dimensional models of flowers, brain , heart , eye…etc. in sufficient number  help the students to study their different parts.
  • Various slides and specimens help the students to learn in an interesting manner.
  • A wide range of chemicals & equipments help in experimenting with various concepts of theory of the captioned subjects.
  • Various basic Equipments of physics for junior classes such as prism, slab, lens, mirror…etc. help the students to explore more about physical and natural phenomena.


While working in composite lab, students can learn about slide preparation, handling the chemicals & working with the required apparatus in physics.

The Composite lab provides the pupils with various facilities to work practically and learn different concepts of the subjects under reference in  an easy and simple manner.