Fine Arts Room


Fine arts refers to an art form practised mainly for its aesthetic value and beauty. Art education builds self confidence among students and sharpens their memory, thereby developing creativity which results in social harmony.

The Art Lab. is the most important place in the school because it connects math , science , social studies and other subjects. The teaching learning process becomes enjoyable both for teachers and students.


The salient features of our school lab are:

  1. Students get motivated by seeing the colourful displays while entering the lab.
  2. It is very spacious for displaying artwork.

3.Perfect provision of proper ventilation and light has been provided.

  1. Locker facility is available to the students for the storage of art work.
  2. The lab. has been so designed that it is eco-friendly and teachers & students use recycled containers.


The art room presents oppurtunities to students for developing varied artistic interests including woodwork, clay modeling, painting, drawing, craftwork etc.