Social Science Lab


Social science laboratory plays a pivotal role in understanding the geography of the world, evolution of people, their ideas, places ,environment, events happened in past etc.

In the school, lab has a wide range of instruments, equipments , variety of maps, models, flax charts etc. which help the students to understand various concepts of social science.


It has Political maps which are used to show the geographic and political boundaries & Physical maps which are designed to show the natural landscape features of earth.

  • Political and physical maps of India
  • World map
  • Political maps of France, Europe, Germany, Asia.
  • Map on means of transportation and communication.


Teachers in the school make certain concepts of Social science clear with the help of charts and models. Lab also includes;

(i)Globes       (ii)Topographical maps    (iii)Working and non working models

(iv)Volcanic system model           (v)Solar system model      (vi) Agriculture model

(vii)Day and night concept showing model    (viii) Rotation and revolution model    (ix)Wide range of equipments, instruments, flax charts etc.

These models and charts are prepared by the students during exhibitions. The lab helps in making the students aware about physical features, cultures, ethics, economy of their country and the world.