Mathematics Labs

Over the years a very wrong conviction has emerged  among the students and the public at large that  Mathematics  because of its abstract nature is considered as difficult, dull or  boring  subject and students often lose interest in learning Mathematics. But when a teacher teaches  Mathematics  in different  ways, say through activities and games, the process of learning becomes  more interesting and effective.

             The school has a  well furnished and fully equipped Mathematics Lab. It is being  utilized  by the students for performing various Mathematics  practical works and undertaking  activities related to mathematical concepts. Students of class 3rd to 12th  perform various experiments related to their curriculum in the lab.  The concerned  teachers bring students to the lab according to their time-table.


  • Two long tables in the centre of the lab and stools around  the sides  facilitate the  students to  sit and perform various activities and projects.
  • Many models based on Trigonometry, Geometry, Probability, Statistics have been  displayed in the lab to facilitate the students to learn very easily  various rigorous concepts.
  • Various Charts related to Shapes, Angles and  Triangles  have been displayed in the lab.
  • The lab also has in its stock  collection of games, puzzles, teaching aids and other materials for carrying  out different activities.

Students love to come in the lab and perform activities with utmost interest & zeal  using  coloured  papers, charts etc.

 Stress is laid on “Learning By Doing”. These experiments encourage students to think, discuss and relate Mathematical concepts relevant to the  daily life and these  activities and help them to develop as creative, distinct and innovative  thinkers.