Director Academic


Words do not suffice to express my gratitude to our dynamic and committed to the core new President Sh. Sanjeevhiralal Jain, former Vice Chairman of State Minority Commission and National Vice President of All India Jain Conference for having confided in me to associate and supervise the academic activities of the schools being run and managed under his control. A long association of mine with my all time source of inspiration, a monarch of humility and religious commitment Samaj Rattan Late Sh. Hira Lal Jain Ji might have been instrumental in his mind regarding my academic acumen that he thought it proper to associate me in his mission of achieving excellence in providing quality education.

It is my strong conviction that at no stage of life of a person one should sit idle and advocate that there is nothing more to learn and should relax and remain in the comfortable zone. A quote from the internationally acclaimed scientist Albert Einstein, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”, is still relevant for all of us associated with the teaching profession i.e. pupils, parents and teachers. The domain of education is not just restricted to the curriculum/ subject that are learnt in a school, rather is a life long process which is a motivational force to have intensive and critical study.

Providing ample educational facilities to the learners, even those belonging to the neglected sectors of the society or children belonging to poor strata of society was a dream project of our torch bearer Samaj Rattan Late Sh. Hira Lal Jain Ji. He was blessed with this thought by his adorable guru Acharya Samrat Pujya Shri Atma Ram Ji Maharaj and in his sacred memory established Atam Public Sr. Sec. School in 1974. His tireless efforts brought fruits and today, this school and all other institutions established by him have touched new heights of popularity among the masses spreading across the state.

It will be my endeavor to perform a catalytic role in providing quality education in consistence with the ever changing academic requirements, certainly far away from the clutches of cast, creed, religion and economic constraints while upholding the banner of meaningful quality education.

The basic missionary zeal of charity will be guiding principle for all entrusted here with the responsibility of providing advanced infrastructural facilities, unbiased academic environment conducive for academic growth and grooming students to final emerge as persona of rare acumen and pride of the nation.

Prof. (Dr.) B. D. Budhiraja