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At the outset, I bow my head in reverence to the great soul of Samaj Rattan Late Sh. Hira Lal Jain Ji who guided the destiny of every section of society including Jain Samaj. I will make every endeavor in cooperation with the willing involvement of ‘Atam Parivar’ to fulfill his dreams by religiously treading on his footprints.

We at Atam Public Sr. Sec. School are of the firm conviction that the mirror of our Deeds & Dreams reflects the height of growth we attained in respect of enrolment, facilities, faculties, responsibilities, moral values, and above all our accomplishments on the spectrum of quality education. The school has a clear vision that it has not to restrict itself in imparting bookish knowledge only but inculcate among the pupils’ human values like humility, courage, compassion, wisdom, integrity, and reliability.

We certainly believe in the holistic education of our students which encompasses academics, extra co-curricular activities, sports education for mental and physical health, and learning soft life skills. We have pursued a policy that the mind of the pupil sans his/her heart is no longer the right path of true education.

I would like to ensure the parents that we at Atam Public Sr. Sec. School will not just teach them, rather, create an environment conducive for experiential learning.

The campus lays focus on faculty development providing continuous teacher training with an eye on achieving real value education coupled with excellence in academic pursuits. We are fully confident that this school is the best place for your child. We hope that when your child goes out of the school, you will feel proud of he/she is an embodiment of a responsible citizen of the nation and the country in totality feels proud of them being the creation of ‘Atam Parivar’. In this endeavor we welcome your active interest and involvement for the progress and achievements of your child.

We look forward to your continuous support in all our endeavors.

Sanjeev Jain