Home Science Lab


Home Science includes all those things which are of personal concern for any individual, one’s home, family members and resources. This field is an amalgamation of various sciences and arts necessitating to improve home environment, nutrition of family members, management of resources and equally takes care of various aspects of child health care & their development.

Home Science lab is an integral part of its curriculum. In their practical work students learn how to cook, serve and present different dishes in a decorative manner. Students also participate in activities like Rangoli Making, Tie Dyeing, Artificial Flower Making and Flower Arrangement with full zeal and exhibit their hidden talent. 

Main features of Home Science Lab: –

  • The Lab is spacious enough to meet the practical needs of the students and has a provision of sufficient light and ventilation.
  • The Lab is well equipped with all the latest gadgets.
  • To facilitate the students wide tables have been provided for pre-preparation and cooking purposes.
  • There is a proper arrangement for storage of utensils and crockery.
  • It is mandatory for the students to wear a lab coat and head cover during the whole process of practical work.
  • Home Science Lab serves as an important source for enhancing student’s creativity their creative skills by learning theoretical knowledge through practical applications.