Principal’s Message



An Epitome of Excellence and Benevolence, this premier institution was founded in 1974 by Atam Kohinoor Samaj Rattan Sh. Hira Lal Jain Ji, in the pious memory of his venerable Guru Jain Divakar Acharya Samrat Pujya Shri Atma Ram Ji Maharaj. This Great visionary and torch bearer of Jain Samaj, in fulfillment of the desire of his Guru, always kept in view the financial constraints of the downtrodden. Upholding the principle of charity, he always practiced and prophesied the service of humanity and supported the underprivileged sections of society by providing holistic and quality education. With this guiding principle, Atam Public Senior Secondary School (APS) has emerged as the firm custodian of the value system based on the sacred principles of Jainism: Right Belief, Right Knowledge & Right Conduct and always strives for the seamless transmission of the revered values to the  posterity.

APS, since its inception, has moved with strong conviction to impart quality education to the masses with a distinct motive, to help the students not only to acquire the literary knowledge but also to acquire the wisdom and utilizing it for the benefit of mankind.  The school greatly realizes that each child entering the campus is a unique creation of Almighty, blessed with distinctive traits and skills. At APS, in the pursuit of excellence, we embark on a journey together with our children, unfolding and polishing their hidden talents and helping them to bloom to their full potential.

To awaken the yearning for learning, among the young inquisitive minds and supporting them in their quest to acquire the same through guided, effective and innovative pedagogical plans remains the top priority of the school. The team of highly experienced, motivated and dedicated faculty facilitates the children to understand the purpose for every teaching – learning activity carried out in the school campus.  To make learning a joyful experience, experiential learning is encouraged, to foster the basic numeracy and literacy skills in the foundational years. We persuade the children to imbibe the essential life skills like collaborating, thinking critically & creatively, innovating and problem solving skills, through well planned activities embedded with their curriculum. To support their physical, mental, and emotional well being, number of indoor and outdoor activities is carried out including the regular sessions of Yoga and Meditation.  Regular teacher-training is an important component of school activity calendar.  To bolster the tolerant environment in the society, we accept diversity and ensure inclusivity by providing equal opportunities to all our students.

Regular interactive sessions, by inviting the illustrious alumni, valued parents and other professionally acclaimed persons from the society are planned, to give the wider exposure to our students and boosting their confidence.

Now under the tutelage of our martinet President Sh. Sanjeev Hira Lal Jain, we solemnly pledge to fructify his firm resoluteness to tread on the foot prints of his revered philanthropic father and assure to leave no stone unturned to groom each student on our campus into a happy, accomplished, constructive, responsible and above all a patriotic citizen of our beloved nation ……………BHARAT

Bandana Sethi