To emerge as a nationally acclaimed charitable institution for dissemination of quality education by promoting inspirational learning to produce citizens of eminence, enrich in intellect for serving the society and to be on the forefront as a spiritual beacon for the propagation of the teachings of Bhagwan Mahavir as enshrined in holy ‘Jain Agams’.


• Providing latest infrastructure, qualified, experienced & renowned teachers committed to the core with the teaching profession.

• Creating ideal environment conducive for academic excellence and all round personality development of the pupils.

• Significantly contributing for creation of healthy, vibrant & sustainable society having full respect for all religions by active and willing involvement of the pupils in community service, health & hygienic awareness, sports, extra co-curricular activities and environmental safety.

• Engaging pupils as true learners & groom them as real scholars in the prime years of their age in an intellectually challenging diverse environment.

• Developing a scientifically fool proof evaluation system so as to create confidence among pupils for their unbiased growth irrespective of their economic condition, cast, creed and religion.

• Being a charitable institute, providing quality education on affordable fee structure to help poor, needy & deserving students to fulfill their educational aspirations.

• Undertaking all such activities which play a significant role for women empowerment, upliftment of downtrodden sections of society and imbibing socially ethical, nationalistic values, virtuous qualities for enhancement of spirit of human emancipation among students.