The school is built with a vision to emerge as one of the nation’s leading educational institute, under the dynamic leadership of Samaj Ratan Shri Hira Lal Ji Jain. The school has mission to build and nuture allround personality of the children of urban as well as rural areas by providing best infrastructural facilities and keeping a nominal fee structure.

Ideology and Aim of the School

Atam Public School has been set up with an ideology to provide quality education which combines:-

Science with spirituality
Reason with faith
prajna with karuna
Empirical knowledge with intuition for all round development of the child.
The school is committed to :-

Give the children the best possible education
To instruct them the way of truth
To make them refined in character and manners
To help them to acquire the highest virtues of life.
The school promises:-

To give exposure to the children to the latest developments in the field of science technology, literature and sports for the integrated development of the personality of the child. Keeping preserved and even enhancing and enriching the rich and varied cultural heritage of India